Hi! I’m Amanda; a mom, wife, Columbia University PhD student, technology researcher, blogger, runner, yogi, healthy living guru, and the list goes on. As you can tell I wear many “hats” in my daily routine.

To stay sane in my insane world, I live an active healthy lifestyle. I run by clocking most of my mileage by pushing my toddler (MG) in our orange B.O.B jogger down the bustling streets of NYC. If you think NYC taxi drivers are nuts behind the wheel, you should see me pushing the jogger at a good pace (pedestrians watch out). OK, I’m just kidding…I swerve!

The truth is, I was transplanted in NYC. I am originally from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. During my undergraduate time at Northern Michigan University I met my husband (who is originally from NYC). After hubby and I graduated we moved to the Big Apple so he could work in the family business and we could be close to his Big Fat Greek Family (oh the stories I can tell, the movie doesn’t do them justice!).

Only a few years later I found out I was pregnant with our beautiful son and this is where my journey of living a healthy life begins.

It all started after I had Michael (also know as MG in most posts). I suffered from Postpartum Depression and because of the stigma attached to depression I was ashamed to reach out for help. Instead, I ate my feelings and found myself almost 80lbs over weight a  year after giving birth. I finally reached my breaking point and decided I needed to make a change in my life for the betterment of my son. I needed to become mentally and physically healthier for him (Read More -> here). Since having that moment of clarity, I haven’t turned back (Read More -> here)